Small Business Services

As a business consultant, I have helped my clients establish their small businesses for over 40 years. I can help you create, establish, maintain, and grow your business to the success you desire.

Your new business can be established very quickly. Electronic filing of profit and non-profit corporations or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be processed immediately.

The fee for my services for profit corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC)s is only $300.00 in all states except California and Texas, for which it is $400.00 due to the extra paperwork CA and TX require. This fee includes the following:
  • Corporate name availability search
  • Incorporation of a profit corporation or limited liability company (filing fees additional)
  • Minute book binder containing documentation* and client copies
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN, FEIN)
  • State-specific documents for California and Texas incorporations
  • Free electronic annual report filing (filing fees additional) in states that allow electronic filing
Filing fees are not included in my fee and vary from state to state.

contact me if you wish to establish a non-profit organization as both my fees and the filing fees are different for non-profits and 501(c)(3)s. I specialize in animal rescue organizations, but I can prepare the 501(c)(3) application for any non-profit. While I cannot guarantee that your non-profit will qualify for 501(c)(3) exemption by the IRS, so far none of my clients’ 501(c)(3) applications have been rejected. If you have any questions as to whether or not your non-profit would qualify for 501(c)(3) exemption status, you may wish to contact the IRS at for more information.

I can also help you establish other types of businesses, file a fictitious name, obtain a Workers’ Comp exemption, and other small business services.

Once you have decided to establish a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), please
contact me with your contact information and best time to call. I can either take your information over the phone, or send you a worksheet which will ask for your basic information--name of company, address, etc.--which you can email or mail back to me. At that time I will invoice you through PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account), or you may pay by credit or debit card directly. I will then complete your documentation, including your minute book, within five business days of cleared payment and ship it to you by Priority mail.

When your annual report is due, if your state allows electronic filing, please
contact me and I will be happy to file it for you without charge. You will only be responsible for the filing fee. I can also prepare your annual report for manual filing for which I charge a small fee for document preparation.

* * *

*Documentation Included:

Corporation (For Profit)
1. Articles of Incorporation
2. Bylaws
3. Organizational Meeting Minutes
4. Annual Meeting Minutes Template
5. Waiver and Notice Templates
6. Stock Certificates
7. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
8. Completed IRS Subchapter-S Election Form (if desired)
9. State-specific documents (CA & TX)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
1. Articles of Organization
2. Operating Agreement
3. Organizational Meeting Minutes
4. Annual Meeting Minutes Template
5. Waiver and Notice Templates
6. Membership Certificates
7. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
8. Completed IRS Form 8832 (if desired)
9. State-Specific documents (CA & TX)

For contractors who desire a Workers' Compensation waiver, the completed application will also be included at no additional charge.